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We work  in collaboration with world class suppliers and highly quality conscious consumers across the globe.

We are committed to offer our services across demographies and geographies. We bring with us three decade old functional expertise in seafood processing and marketing.


We work with close partnership with quality packers in India and abroad to deliver the products to quality customers all over the world.



Indian is the land of legends and lagoons. It is bestowed with a vast resource of aquatic flora and fauna, the Indian sub continent is embraced by the Arabian sea on the western side and the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean on the Eastern and Southern sides. These Oceans are the abode of a number of fin fishes and shell fishes. The coastal waters of India are more fertile and more productive than any other part of the world.


Recently India has ventured into aquaculture with the introduction of Vannamei - The Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). This has resulted in aquaplotation and thanks to the efforts of government agencies and private entrepreneurs, today India is a major producer and Exporter of Vannamei shrimps to major markets globally.

  Seafood safe food

Fish is the most internationally traded food item. Fish is the most nutritious non vegetarian food which is a rich and unique  source of a rare dietary components like Omega 3 fatty acids. Components like DHA play an active role in the functioning of brain and the heart.

Fish, in short, is a brain food as well as heart food. Our motto is to provide safe and high quality products sourced from quality conscious packers and deliver them to our valued customers, by fully meeting their quality and safety specifications, as far as seafood safety and quality are concerned nothing is left to chance.