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We collaborate with top-tier suppliers and customers who are passionate about quality from all over the world.

We are dedicated to providing our seafood trade services to people from all backgrounds and locations. Our functional expertise in the processing and marketing of seafood spans three decades.

To deliver the products to high-quality customers all around the world, we collaborate closely with reputable packers both in India and overseas.


India is full of lagoons and legends. The Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Sea all encircle the Indian subcontinent on its eastern, southern, and western borders, respectively. As a result, there is an abundance of aquatic vegetation and fauna in the Indian subcontinent. These oceans are home to a variety of fish and shellfish. The world's most productive and fertile shoreline waters are those of India. Our primary source of high-quality seafood for our customers comes from India's pristine oceans.


With the advent of Vannamei - The Pacific White Shrimp, India has recently entered the aquaculture industry. This led to aquaplotation, and today India is a significant producer and exporter of Vannamei shrimps to major markets worldwide thanks to the efforts of government agencies and private enterprises. We are primarily concerned with the export of Vannamie shrimps to clients in Far East Asia, Europe, and the United States, in a variety of forms as specified by the client.

  Seafood safe food

One of the food item with the highest global commerce volume is fish. The most nutrient-dense non-vegetarian meal is fish, which is also a rich and exceptional source of a variety of uncommon nutritional ingredients like Omega 3 fatty acids. DHA, for example, actively contributes to the healthy operation of the heart and brain. 

In a nutshell, fish is a heart and brain nourishment. Our mission is to supply safe, high-quality products to our cherished clients while fully meeting their quality and safety requirements. When it comes to seafood safety and quality, nothing is left to chance. Our products are sourced from quality-conscious packers.

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